HEB ISD School Board in Summer of 2017

School Board & Policies

The HEB ISD Board of Trustees is a group of seven community volunteers who guide the operation of the school district. They are selected by the local community through a school board election and aim to provide students with the highest quality education possible.

The mission of HEB ISD Board of Trustees is to effectively allocate resources, set policy, direct and support the superintendent on behalf of students, parents, staff, and community by engaging in a process of continuous improvement that results in the accomplishment of district goals.

School Board Members

Julie Cole - President, Place 1

Julie ColeJulie Cole
President, Place 1


Occupation: Senior Analyst, Fidelity Investments

College(s) attended and/or degree(s) received: Studied Public Relations, University of Kansas

High school(s) attended: St. Pius X, Kansas City, MO

City of residence: Bedford

City of birth: My birth certificate says Las Cruces, New Mexico but I was actually born at White Sands Missile Range in the Air Force hospital

Spouse: Curtis Cole - we met and married in 1991 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Children: Conner- 2011 Graduate of Trinity High School and Hayden - will be a 2016 Graduate of Trinity High School and grandchildren: someday…I hope

Pets: Samantha - a very large black lab/grey hound mix that smiles at anyone that comes to the house

Year joined Board of Trustees: June 2013. This is my first of what I hope will be many years.

Why did you decided to run for school board? After years of getting to know the students in this district through volunteering and participation in organizations, I felt called to serve on the School Board so that I could be the voice of the students in decisions that are made that affect them.

What do you like best about being a board member? I'm not sure that I can answer this question yet. I have loved meeting so many students, parents, and teachers that I might not normally have met.

What challenges will face the board in the next 12 months? The challenge of school funding on the state level will be something that the School Board will spend a good deal of time on for the ongoing future. We will have to work hard to try to show the legislature the importance of state funding for education and we will have to continue to perform at the highest possible levels with the funding that is available to us.

First job: I worked at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. It is very similar to Six Flags. I loved getting to know other kids that did not go to my school and I liked that they would work my schedule around my cheerleading practices and babysitting duties

Hobbies: I love to watch sports! I am a huge fan of any sport that my kids have played! In the fall, I spend all night Friday and all day Saturday watching football!

Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I think I have read it more than a dozen times.

Favorite subject in high school: English was my favorite subject in High School and in my job I utilize my writing skills daily.

Favorite food: I should probably say something healthy…but it is really chocolate!

Favorite place to get away: I love to travel and working for American Airlines has helped me to do it. I don't recall a place that I have been to that I did not like - warm beaches, snowy mountains, historic sites, and faraway lands. I love traveling to all of them.

Your role models: I know lots of people in my every day life that do extraordinary things that I would like to do as well. I believe that we can learn lessons from everyone we meet and that what we learn from others will make us better people.

People you would most want to share a meal with: I think if I could, I would want to have dinner with my Daddy again and I think it would be on an airplane going towards some amazing adventure.

One person you would like to meet: One day, in the future, I will be very happy to meet my Grandchildren !

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? This one is hard to answer, because it is nearly EVERYTHING! HEB ISD is full of amazing people that do incredible things! On any given school day or evening I can witness the enormity of the skills, talent, and drive for excellence displayed in the classrooms, on the fields, and in the auditoriums or meeting rooms of this district by the students, teachers, and staff.

Matt Romero - Vice President, Place 3

Matt RomeroMatt Romero
Vice President, Place 3


Occupation: Owner, Air Worth Heating & Cooling in Hurst

College(s) attended and/or degree(s) received: University of Texas at Austin - BS Architecture, St. Edward's University - Master of Business Administration.

High school(s) attended: J.M. Hanks High School El Paso

City of residence: Fort Worth

City of birth: Westminister, California

Spouse: Dorothy

Children: Matthew Soto (21), Nicolas Soto (19), Veronica (9)

Pets: Penny our 12 year old mixed breed rescue dog

Years with HEB ISD Board: Since May 2013

Why did you decided to run for school board? As a parent and an employer I have a vested interest in the quality of our District's schools. Service on the Board is a great opportunity to ensure our schools maintain high expectations and provide our students with the excellent education they require for success after high school.

What do you like best about being a board member? Visiting schools and seeing all the great things our students and faculty are achieving.

What challenges will face the board in the next 12 months?The challenges for the board this year will be the implementation of House Bill 5 and the ongoing changes to the State's accountability system.

First job: Grocery checker at Safeway

Hobbies: Anything car related

Favorite book: The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch

Favorite subject in high school: Physics

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite place to get away: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Your role models: My parents. Mr. Burrows my high school Physics teacher who taught me hard work can be fun when you do what you love. Michael, my boss of 12 years, who taught me about business and how to take care of people.

People you would most want to share a meal with: My family and friends

One person you would like to meet: Gene Kranz (former Flight Director of NASA)

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? The quality and dedication of every teacher, staff member and administrator I have met in the district.

Fred Campos - Secretary, Place 7

Fred CamposFred Campos
Secretary, Place 7


Occupation: Online Business Marketer

College(s) attended and/or degree(s) received: University of North Texas

High school(s) attended: Grapevine High School

City of residence: Bedford, Texas

City of birth: Garden Grove, California

Spouse: Karen Campos

Children: Caitlyn Campos (1999), Zachary Campos (2003), Daniel Campos (2010)

Pets: Currently between toy poodles

Year joined Board of Trustees: 2015

Why did you decided to run for school board? Did I decide? I think I was home grown as part of a much bigger picture that started when my oldest daughter started Kindergarten 13 years ago. The then principal, Mike Wagner asked, "Fred, would you volunteer to change our marque each week?" I did that job for seven years and the asks kept getting bigger and bigger.

What do you like best about being a board member? I get a front row, behind the scenes look at some of the most amazing and talented educators. Teachers, coaches, band directors and staff who pour their lives in to the world's greatest future and asset--our kids. I love being a cheerleader for these servants!

What challenges will face the board in the next 12 months? Student growth that will require a bond and the building of more schools, the continuing aging of our facilities.

First job: Ran the cash register at Braum's in Grapevine, Texas.

Hobbies: Helping parents caught in custody battles and navigating through the family court system. Vlogging about eating at Subway.

Favorite books
- Non-Fiction: Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline"
- Fiction: J. K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

Favorite subject in high school: Computer Science

Favorite food: Everything, never met a food I didn't like.

Favorite place to get away: A cruse ship anywhere at anytime.

Your role models: Jesus, my dad, Pastor Ed Young, Pastor Spencer Nordyke

People you would most want to share a meal with: My wife Karen, Casey Neistat, Russell Brunson, CS Lewis

One person you would like to meet: Casey Neistat

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? The process improvement model at every level of the district that leads to the success of our kids. Kids succeed here despite the demographics and challenges we face. It is truly incredible!

Fred Campos is a 23-year resident of Bedford and has two, and soon to be three, children attending HEB ISD schools. He is married to Karen, a retired elementary school teacher. Together they both believe the profession of educators should be held in high regard. He has lived 43 years in the North Texas area. He graduated from Grapevine High School and attended the University of North Texas for three years, majoring in computer science. He is an active member of the HEB Chamber of Commerce. He has owned businesses in all three cities: Bedford, Hurst and currently in Euless. He is also a busy public speaker and a member of Toastmasters International. Fred is a volunteer in many different capacities throughout the year at the schools his children attend. He is currently a community member volunteer for Trojan Talk at Trinity High School. He mentors and leads group discussions each month on topics relevant to teenagers. He is a graduate of the HEB ISD Leadership Academy and Leadership Academy II.

Dawn Jordan-Wells - Member, Place 2

Dawn Jordan-WellsDawn Jordan-Wells
Member, Place 2


Occupation: Project Analyst, American Airlines

Colleges attended and/or degree received: Northern Illinois University-B.S. in HR Management

High school attended: J.B. Conant HS

City of birth: Chicago, IL

Spouse: Larry Wells

Year Joined Board of Trustees: May 2012

Pets: Wrigley & Sheffield (Chihuahuas)

Why were you interested in school board service? I have always said that education is the great equalizer, so I wanted to continue my volunteerism and leadership within the District at a higher level to ensure that all students are given equal access to the great education that this District provides.

What challenges will face the board in the next 12 months? Making sure that we complete the bond projects on time and within budget; being prepared for an increase in students

First job: McDonalds in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL

Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Bowling

Favorite book: The Bible

Favorite subject in high school: Spanish

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite place to get away: Las Vegas

Your role models: Jesus Christ

People you would most want to share a meal with: Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Michelle Obama

One person you would like to meet: President Barack Obama

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? The diversity in the District and how it is embraced.

Rochelle Ross - Member, Place 4

Rochelle RossRochelle Ross
Member, Place 4


Occupation: Owner/Professional Organizing at A Simplified Space

College(s) attended and/or degree(s) received: BFA in Acting from University of Texas at Arlington

High school(s) attended: Fairview High School, Boulder, CO

City of residence: Bedford

City of birth: Walsenburg, CO

Spouse: Tommy Ross

Children: Katrina, Thomas, Nico

When did you join the HEB ISD Board of Trustees? May 22, 2017

Why did you decide to run for school board? Being invited to participate in the Board Ambassador Academy and Board Leadership really opened my eyes to new ways that I could support our students. As we moved forward, all the puzzle pieces kept falling into place, and here I am!

What do you like best about being a board member? The cohesiveness of the Board and the incredible wisdom of the district staff working together to produce results for the kids.

What challenges will face the board in the next 12 months? Student enrollment growth that will necessitate additional facilities and space.

First job: Selling cowboy boots at Miller Stockman Western Wear in Boulder, CO

Hobbies: Disney, Denver Broncos, Broadway musicals, reading

Favorite book: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Favorite subject in high school: Theatre

Favorite food: Lobster

Favorite place to get away: Walt Disney World

Your role models: Highly positive leaders

Who would you most want to share a meal with? Robert Early, Pope Francis

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? We truly are Different by Design. We do amazing things and overcome our challenges.

Faye Beaulieu - Member, Place 5

Faye BeaulieuFaye Beaulieu
Member, Place 5


Occupation: Regional Director, United Way-Northeast

College(s) attended and/or degree(s) received: Mississippi University for Women - BA, MA English; University of Mississippi - PhD English

High school(s) attended: DeKalb Attendance Center - DeKalb, MS

City of residence: Bedford, TX

City of birth: York, AL

Spouse: Walter G. "Walt"

Children: Aimee - teaches band program at Heinrich-von-Kleist-Schule in Eschborn, Germany; Carla - media buyer for Richards Group advertising agency in Dallas; Steven - First lieutenant USAF, KC-135 pilot stationed at RAF Mildenhall; Caryn - graduated from Texas Tech with a bachelor's degree in nutrition

Grandchildren: Alexis Faith Behlen (Carla and James Behlen); Sarah Joy Schmidt (Aimee and Gerald Schmidt)

Pets: Jack, the world's most lovable black silky terrier

Year joined Board of Trustees: 1995

Why did you decide to run for school board? To be a part of the system rather than a spectator

What do you like best about being a board member? Interacting with those who make it work: other trustees, students, employees, stakeholders

What challenges will face the board in the next 12 months? Responding to the needs of our students, both the college prep student and the student entering the work force; bringing in the projects elected in the most recent bond election, on time and under budget; budgeting to cover increased fuel and utility costs; making sure we're preparing today's students for tomorrow's job market, in sync with our graduate profile; retaining a quality staff in the face of reduced funding from the state and subsequent difficulty offering raises

First job: babysitting an infant for 50 cents an hour

Hobbies: scuba diving

Favorite book: whatever I'm reading at the time; especially attached to The Diary of Anne Frank

Favorite subject in high school: English

Favorite food: HEB ISD Child Nutrition's chocolate cake; close second is their hot apple turnover

Favorite place to get away: Grand Cayman; Cozumel a close second

Your role models: My dad; my high school English teacher; my doctoral professor; my pastor and his wife

People you would most want to share a meal with: My family - all of them at the same time!

One person you would like to meet: Bill Gates: I'd like to thank him for his work with high schools but challenge him to fund pre-k work at an equal level. I'd like to be able to test the theory that we could prevent a lot of recovery effort down the road if we had the resources to enhance school readiness.

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? The singleness of vision, and the professionalism of all involved

Andy Cargile - Member, Place 6

Andy CargileAndy Cargile
Member, Place 6


Occupation: Retired school administrator

College(s) attended and/or degree(s) received: MS and BS degree, Texas A&M Commerce

High school(s) attended: Thomas Jefferson High School, Dallas

City of residence: Hurst

City of birth: New Haven, CT

Spouse: Karen

Children: Kristen and Kourtney

Year joined Board of Trustees: May 2008

Why you decided to run for school board? To continue my commitment to this district

What you like best about being a board member? Being part of a successful school district.

Challenges the board will face in the next 12 months? School finance, state tests, safety

First job: I worked for my father on a milk route

Hobbies: Golf

Favorite book: Any John Grisham book

Favorite subject in high school: History

Favorite food: Mexican and Italian

Favorite place to get away: South Padre Island

People I would most want to share a meal with: Relatives who have passed

One person I would like to meet: My great, great, great grandfather

What impresses you most about HEB ISD? The commitment of the teachers and administrators

Steve Chapman - Superintendent

Steve ChapmanSteve Chapman

The Superintendent's bio can be found on the Superintendent's Office website.

School Board Q & A

Who is eligible to run for office?

To be eligible to run for office, an individual must have lived in Texas for one year and have been a resident of the district for at least six months.

When are board members elected?

Trustees are elected in May to serve four-year staggered terms. Officers are elected at the first meeting following certification of election results.

What are the primary responsibilities of the board?

Board members are entrusted with developing policies, governing the management of district schools, setting the tax rate and selecting and evaluating the Superintendent of Schools. The Board may officially act upon an item only when it is listed on the agenda and properly posted.

Duties of the Board include:

  • Adopting policy for district and campus-level planning and decision making
  • Governing local school matters within the limits of the laws and regulations established by the Texas Commissioner of Education
  • Submitting bond issues to be voted upon by residents
  • Approving district personnel decisions
  • A majority of the Board constitutes a quorum for transaction of business.

How often does the School Board meet?

The School Board conducts a work session the second Monday of the month and has its regular meeting, where voting takes place, the fourth Monday of the month. Notices are posted in front of the Administration Building at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting. Online notices and agendas are posted on this site through BoardDocs, with links on the front page, in the Important Reminders section. The board can call a special or called meeting in between work sessions and meetings. Notices will be posted in advance, and you can check this site for notices as well.

Work sessions begin at 6:00pm. No voting takes place at work sessions. The board discusses action items that will be voted on the following week.

The regular board meeting begins at 6:00pm. Voting on action items takes place during this portion of the meeting. If there is no major discussion or debate, it is because that took place at the work session the previous week, and the board has all the information needed to vote. Open Forum sessions take place at regular board meetings, not work sessions.

What is the procedure for appearing before the board?

The HEB ISD Board of Trustees welcomes public participation. Any person wishing to address the Board at a regular board meeting should complete an "Open Forum" card and return it to the Director of Communications or place it in the "Open Forum" box, located on a table by the boardroom entrance. Persons wishing to speak to the Board about an agenda action item will be called at the appropriate time (Open Forum #1). At the end of the meeting, time will be available for comments regarding a subject not on the agenda (Open Forum #2). All presentations must be five minutes or less. The Board carefully considers all comments, but policy prohibits discussion following a presentation.

For more information, please contact the School Board secretary at (817) 399-2020.

How do I address the board at the meeting?

The speaker should identify his or her name and residential address, group affiliation (if any), and make a brief presentation, with an identified solution, if one is sought. Remarks should be addressed to the Board as a whole.

Groups of more than five people who wish to speak on one topic are asked to appoint a spokesperson to present the groups' views to the Board.

What is the difference between the two Open Forum sessions?

Each Open Forum deals with a certain portion of the board meeting.

Open Forum #1 - If requesting to speak to an item on an agenda, the Board President will call the person forward prior to the action item portion of the agenda. Comments are limited to five minutes or less.

Open Forum #2 - The second forum is held at the end of the board meeting, and citizens may address the Board on items not listed on the agenda. Specific factual information or recitation of existing policy may be furnished in response to inquiries, but the Board shall not deliberate or decide regarding any subject that is not included on the agenda posted with notice of the meeting. Remarks are limited to five minutes or less.

Should I address the board each time I have a concern about the school district?

Although Trustees encourage public involvement and listen to citizens' views and problems, patrons are asked to first go through regular schools channels. This may include a visit with a local teacher and/or the principal. Most problems are solved in this manner. Matters which cannot be resolved at the local level may be brought to the attention of appropriate administrative personnel (i.e. assistant superintendent, associate superintendent, deputy superintendent, superintendent).

How do I find information about administrators and departments on this site?

You will find information about instructional administrators by clicking onDepartments at the top of this page, then clicking on the department you're interested in. You will find the Superintendent's information on this site by clicking on Departments at the top of this page, then on Superintendent's Office.

We encourage you to use the Search box to find other district information.

Please visit the Board Docs link below to access information related to the Board of Trustees, including board meeting dates/times, board meeting agendas, board operating procedures, and board goals.

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The mission of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District is to continue its proud tradition of excellence as a diverse, high-performing organization committed to ensuring each student is empowered today to excel tomorrow.

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